Some website prices are discounted,be sure to mention you’ve seen the site if inquiring about a gun in person.

NEW SEMI-AUTO HANDGUNS – updated 07/11/14

H&KP30s40 S&W$9133 1/2 inch barrel sa/da with safety
Sig SauerP23940$8993 1/2 in barrel nitron finish with night sights
Sig Sauerp2269mm$9194 1/2" barrel two tone
Sig Sauerp2299mm$9193 1/2" barrel
S+W1911 TA45$12135" barrel black w/tactical rail, wood grips
Sig Sauer1911 TTT45$9655" barrel wood grips two tone. Beautiful target gun
Sig Sauer1911 BXO45$8045" barrel black on black
Rugersr1911 4 1/4"45$6984 1/4" barrel stainless
Rugersr1911 5"45$6985" barrel stainless
S+Wsd9ve9mm$3304" barrel stainless two tone
kahrpm4040$6552 3/4" barrel two tone great trigger
H&Kvp99mm$6134" barrel 2 mags striker fire
S+Wpc191145$13765" barrel proformance center target pistol
sig sauersp20229mm$4154" barrel black
S+WBG380 engraved380$3692 3/4" barrel stainless engraved slide
H&Kp30 sk9mm$6243.3" barrel sub compact
H&K45c45$11453 1/2" barrel 3mags box
H&K4545$11454 1/2" barrel 3 mags


S&W63838 spl$4171 7/8 inch barrel shrouded hammer
S+w986 pro series9mm$10707" barrel 9mm pro series
S+W617-622$7206" barrel stainless 10 shot target gun
charter armspathfinder22$3784.2"barrel
S+W637 pro38 spcl$4812" barrel stainless
S+W64238 spcl$4052" barrel stainless
Rugerlcr-22 mag22mag$4442" barrel black
S+WBg38 Crimson l38$4582" barrel black with crimson trace laser
RugerLcr-22lr22$4442" barrel black
S+W686-6357/38$7393" barrel stainless7 shot


S&WM&P ORC.223 / 5.56$89516'' barrel optic ready comes with 40 rounds of American Eagle .223
Savagemk2 TRR-SR22 lr$51524'' fluted and threaded bull barrel with sniper stock ad accutrigger
Savagem-4222mag/410$40320"barrel over and under top barrel is 22wmr bottom barrel is a 410 gauge gret varmit gun
Savagerascal youth22lr$15516" single shot bolt action youth rifle, acu trigger comes in all black finish, or all pink finish
Windham WeaponryWW-15muddy girl lew Horton pink cammo5.56 / .223$97516'' barrel pink/purple and black cammo skel stock optic ready.
Ruger10-2222lr$27916" barrel muzzle break c
Black on black
Savagemod 9322 mag$27821" barrel bolt gun
chiapalittle badger22 mag$17916.5 " barrel break down survival rifle
bushmasterACR5.56$199916" barrel, dark earth
Armi sportspencer45 schofield$97520" barrel color case blued
Armi sportcivil war sharpshooter54$100030" barrel
S+WM&P 10308$ 137018" barrel black standard ar-10
ColtCsr-155.56 / .223$90516" barrel black
GSGMP-4022lr$50016" barrel
CitadelM1-2222lr$37118" barrel
RossiCircuit judge410/45lcCash$ 54918 1/2" barrel
RossiR92357/38$54020" barrel case color
citadelm1-2222$37118" barrel
remington783308$34022" barrel black synthetic
CAIm85223/5.56$40620" barrel
Ruger10/2222lr$27418" barrel wood stock
Ruger10/22 manlicher22lr$33918" barrel
rossirio-grande410$47520" barrel


zz machine worksjw coach gun20 or 12 ga$31020" barrel double barrel
stevens512ae12 ga$61928" barrel
ussgmp9412 ga/ .223$58924" barrel
Remington88712 gauge$43518 1/2" barrel
Mossberg930spx kryptek12 gauge$79918 1/2" barrel tactical shotgun typhoon kryptek