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MA Basic Firearms Safety Courses now available at Bob’s!

Have you been looking for a firearm course near me? This course will teach the basics of safe gun handling and shooting. Participants will learn firearm safety, firearms parts and operation, and shooting fundamentals. This class meets the requirement for a Massachusetts Firearms license. If you bring an open mind and a teachable attitude, we believe we can teach anyone how to shoot. Classes are provided on Sundays at 8:00 a.m. every week (preregistration required). Classes are 4-5 hours, consisting of classroom and live fire on our range. Cost for this basic firearms safety course is less than other firearms classes, affordable, at only $100.

Who Teaches Our Gun Safety Class Near Boston MA?

The safety course is instructed by Dave Reagan, a certified NRA and Mass safety Instructor.  Dave has 25 years of experience with the Massachusetts sheriffs department and has been a life long firearms enthusiast. Dave has spent most of his adult life training and honing his firearms skills and abilities. Dave’s attributes do not end there. The ability to break down basic and advanced fundamentals in a way everyone can understand without intimidation or confusion is a gift that not every instructor possesses. Every safety class at Original Bobs ends with a live fire session where you and your fellow classmates will be able to put what you learned into practice at no extra charge (unlike other classes that lack a range).

Next lesson: This Sunday from 8:00 AM to 12:00 noon.

Sign-up below, Cost for the class is $100 payable cash or check, no credit cards that you can bring on Sunday.


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