Used Guns At Orginal Bobs Gun Shop In Salisbury, MA

used gun store ma

Some website prices are discounted, be sure to mention you’ve seen the site if inquiring about a gun in person. Below is a list of our current up to date list of Used Guns at our store gun store in Salisbury, Massachusette

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Springfield Armory1911-A145 ACP$1,099.00GB# (C) 2435 Factory Compensator setup
Smith & Wesson1911 SC45 ACP$899.00GB# (C) 2621 W/ Box & 2 Mags
FNHI-Power9 MM$899.00GB# (C) 1940 Production year 1952 (MA OK)
Ballester Molina191145 Cal$575.00GB# 3074
Glock2145 ACP$599.00GB# 3094 pre-ban (MA okay) w/ 13 round pre-ban mag
Springfield ArmoryXDS-4545 Cal$425.00GB# 3158 W/ 4 Mags, holster & Box
Springfield ArmoryXDS-99 MM$349.00GB# 3155 W/ 4 Mags, 3 Holsters, Mag Pouch & Box


629 Competitor44 Mag$1,199.00GB# (C) 1636 6 Shot
BlackHawk357 Cal$2,499.00GB# 2500 2nd Year Production, Master Engraved
Bearcat22 Cal$650.00GB# 1344 W/ Holster
Single Six22 LR$299.00GB# 3045
60357 Mag$399.00GB# 3041
Vaquero357 Mag$599.00GB# 3085 "Used Un-Fired"
Pre-K22 cal$575.00GB# 3075


Mossberg15122LR$399.00GB# 106 20" Barrel Tube Fed
Armi SportSpencer45 Schofield$975.00GB# 90
MauserG33/40350 Mag$1,000.00GB# 117
Remington59722 LR$275.00GB# (C) 2745 W/ Bi-Pod & Scope
PW ArmsM91/30762x54R$249.00GB# (C) 2747
Winchester9422M22 Win Mag$999.00GB# (C) 2823
Winchester9422 XTR22 S/L/LR$999.00GB# (C) 2824
Phased PlasmaRifle40 watt range$1,499,999.00GB# T800 " What you see is what you get "
Marlin6022 LR$225.00GB# (C) 2930 Tube Fed 18 Rnd
RugerM77270 Win$699.00GB# 2985 W/ Leupold Scope
RemingtonNylon 6622 LR$175.00GB# 3130

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